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Social Responsibility


Contributing to the well-being of the community in which we are part of and supporting the sustainability of the natural ecosystem which hosts us are things which our company of sound principles cannot disregard.

We believe that a company that has provided continuous and perennial services must address some important aspects for the future:
In what environment we find ourselves living in after some decades, what environment we leave to who will come after us and how we raise our young to live according to values of respect and solidarity between human beings.


With the objective of contributing to the sound raising of future generations, we have given to projects of associations and institutions which support infancy and those which in our homeland dedicate themselves to alleviating the discomforts of families in severe hardship and supporting the development of young talents.


We are perfectly aware of the fact that a Cloud Company that bases its services on technologies and data center infrastructure is by definition an energyvore. With both the objective of optimizing the consumption of energy internally in our facilities and reducing the environmental impact we constantly invest in technologies up to the most modern green initiatives. The Tier IV certification of the Milan Data center is led in line with such policy with the objective of guaranteeing maximum performance and minimum consumption impact.


For several years we support I BAMBINI DELLE FATE, a non-profit organization that funds social projects run by parents’ associations, institutions or hospitals, for children and teens with autism and disabilities.