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Critical Applications

Critical Applications support the core processes of business that represent the value and the success of the corporate activity and, in accordance to their importance, must be continuously operating and well working.

The increasingly complex nature of the Critical Applications needs growing levels of innovation and performances, high structure reliability of technology infrastructures, procedures able to grant business continuity and the complete recovery, thorough security and data protection.

The common denominator of all our clients is the need to have extremely high levels of service and performance at the highest levels of the market.


Critical Applications and Hybrid Cloud


Wiit, the only Italian provider specialized in supplying Hybrid Cloud services for Critical Applications, provides services to companies that manage own processes on SAP, Oracle or Microsoft as well to ones, strongly oriented to digital business, which need vertical solutions developed ad hoc.

The decision to entrust the management of the IT infrastructure to an external provider hinges on the assessment of its reliability.

Security and reliability of a datacenter depend from its certification class.

Wiit owns a data center certified Tier IV (the highest level of certification that a data center can offer) by the International Uptime Institute.

The Tier IV Constructed Facility Certification of the main Wiit’s Data center was achieved thanks to the characteristics of its elements full redundancy able to guarantee the systems availability close to 100% without any downtime.

It is an architecture of absolute quality, not subject to interruptions in case of downtime, faults and maintenances and perfectly non-top working also in case of prolonged absence of energy.

The Wiit mission is helping our clients to grow, manage global operations and achieve challenging objectives, ensuring high IT performances in complete security.